Monday, November 10, 2014

In time of trouble

In time of trouble, say,

“First, Lord you brought me here.  It is by your will Lord, I am in this strait place, in that I will rest.  
Next, “Lord, you will keep me here in your Love, and give me Grace in this trial to behave as your child.”  
Then say, 
Lord, you will make this trial a Blessing, Teaching me lessons you intend me to Learn, and working in me the Grace you mean to bestow.”  
And last, say, “In your good time Lord, you can bring me out again.  How and when, you know.”
Therefore, say,
 “I am here (1) by your appointment Lord,
(2) in your keeping. (3) under your training, (4) for your time.


Andrew Murray

Friday, November 7, 2014

Mug Rug Swap, cont

I told you, I would be back today, that doesn't happen that often, LOL
So, here is my swap partners mug rugs
I just love how we all come up with different 
mug rugs, these will be used with love.  Did you notice the 
Keepsake Needle Card to the left?  Do you remember your grandma 
or mom having these, I do, and I still have some, and others I 
have collected over the years.  They use to be given out by stores our
grandmas and moms use to shop with the the stores names on them.
I love having tea when it is cool enough to have some, so I will enjoy 
my mug rugs with my tea.
Thank You, again Carmie.

I still have pictures to post of projects I will be teaching at Hobby Lobby,
so I will do that the next I come back to visit.  
Till then, Happy Stitching and Blessed Days,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mug Rug Swap

Quilting Gallery and Little Green Cottage joined together to bring us 
Mug Rug Swap.
We were to make our rug mugs for our partner who lives in a different 
part of the country or in another country.  We were to email our new friend and
get to know them.  My partner is from Liberty Center, IN, pop, 100.  And I live 
in South Florida just north of Miami with a pop. of over 1 million.  I came from 
a small farming community of about 600, and that was in 1975.
Here was the start of my mug rugs, I love it when I go though the scrap 
basket and start pulling little pieces of fabric out.  This is why I save
all of my scraps, (Sam) some of them are very small in size.  
And here are the ones I finished.
A little different then the pattern, I put a bee instead of a butterfly,
and my house on the bottom is going the other way.
I will post my partners tomorrow after I take a picture of them.
Off to bed now.
I hope you have enjoyed the mug rugs,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harvest Blessings!

I just finished my Harvest Blessings table mat, it has only taken, let me see, I moved to 
North Carolina in 2001, started and finished the hand work there, then moved to Ohio in 
2006, then to Virginia in 2013 and finally to Florida 2014,  somewhere around 13 years,
but it's done now.
 Never give up on getting things done, better late then never!
Just in time for the harvest season.
Matt 9:37-38

Blessings always,

Tea Cup Exchange Lost

My Tea cup that I sent out to my exchange friend was lost in the Miami mail somewhere!
I sent the cup and saucer in different boxes, I could not find one large enough for both to go in.
I didn't even take a picture of it, so sorry i didn't do that now.  I hope it will show up, along with
the history of it.
But here is the tablerunner and tea rugs, I made to go with it.
The tea cups and tea pot in the picture are my. 
See what my new friend Dolores from Anchorage, AK sent me for the 
Tea cup exchange in the last Post.
Till next time enjoy some tea with a friend,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange with NEW Friends

A little while back I found a blog about tea and other items of Friendship.
Please visit Stephanie at the link above.

If we chose to be apart of this exchange, we were to send a tea cup to the person who's
name we were given and send some others items that a tea lover would enjoy.
We had to send the tea cup out within a week, I can't make anything in a week to send with
the tea cup, I will have to post what I am sending her when I am done, I just went today to find the
fabric to make it, while I'm still working on a grandchild quilt and a few other things,
you should see my list of  WIP's, I'm working on.
I sent my tea cup without taking a picture of it first, (when will I ever remember to take pictures of everything, no matter what I doing with it).
But, I did send the history of my tea cup with it, where it came from and why it was
used, where it was used and for what reason.
My new friend is not far from where I live in south Florida, she lives in Miami.  I have not heard back from her yet.  

Here is my tea cup, I received from my new friend in Anchorage, AK

Thank You Dolores
I love and collect tea cups with roses and love Lavender.
I can't wait till I sit down and enjoy a cup of tea from your cup.
May I add, I have never used tea that was not in a bag, so I will now have to learn how to
use a  diffuser.  I have wanted to and now I have no reason not to.

Also, Dolores wrote a sweet note with her package at the end she wrote,
Numbers 6:24-26
It reads:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you.
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance (favor) upon you,
And give you peace.

Till next I see you, remember the verse

Friday, September 19, 2014

ThreadHeads Bee

I can't believe it's been been over a month since my last 
post, I've been working on multiple projects and guess I've been too busy
to notice that I have missed posting and keeping up with long distance and blog 
and quilting friends.
Well, fall has not come to South Florida yet, was told 
we only get a few cold fronts, we will see what they call 
cold fronts.

 Here are a few members of our ThreadHeads Bee Group
Kim, RoseMary(Me), LaDonna, Sam and Wendy and D.O.G. putting in
his two cents, and Lisa (not pictured) was
visiting her mom in Georgia.

Kim, Megan, LaDonna, Sam and Wendy

We get together once a month right now, this month we 
 made little pumpkins that could be used for pincushions
or just for fall decorations.
Two of us are from California, two from Massachusetts, 
one from Kansas and two from Florida.  Kim and I, both from Calif have sons in the 
Air Force.
Small world when you start meeting new people and getting to know them.

 Happy Stitching from South Florida

Friday, August 1, 2014

Small Blog Link Up from Lily's Quilts

Lily's Quilts is hosting a link up to small blogs, follow the link below and read small blogs with less than 50 follower.  But then follow them by email or the other ways of keeping up to date with them.

I am still working on my blog and I'm not here everyday, but hope you will allow me 
to visit your email your email, every now and then.
Just sign up with your email.


Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, Rain go Away and go to California

This is what it looks like almost every afternoon here in Sunny Florida.  LOL
This is every day since we moved here, except for a few days.  I am thankful that on the weekends so far it has been nice (very hot and humid) but at least, Mr.W and I can go do something together.   Yesterday, we went and got some tomatoes at one of the spots we go to for vegetables and fish,  The Flamingo Nursery, yep, a nursery that sells (fish).   Told you last week we went and saw Iguanas, this was the only one we saw on our trip this time.
Saturday we drove south to Biscayne Bay

When Hurricane Andrew hit, Biscayne Bay was in the eye of the hurricane.  Makes you feel small.

Well, I have projects I'm working (WIP) on and hope to get some of them done.  But here are a few of them

 Bertie"s Winter (BOM) just pressed applique pieces down on sat.
Waiting on more thread colors to start my buttonhole stitch. 
 I started this for a demo at our quilt show (Cabin Branch Quilters, VA) March 2014
This is a quilt for a grandchild (started 2011)
just found the fabric for the sashing that was packed away.
Hey, they're not in high school yet.
I finished quilting this one and is squared and ready for binding, also made a pillow to go with it which I will show after it is sent and grandchild gets it.

Closing for now in hopes the binding gets cut today
till next time have a warm and sunny day even if it is raining and gray.

Monday, June 30, 2014

For the Red White and Blue!

Just taking a few moments for quilting can calm nerves.  I can tell when I need to sit in front of the sewing machine and take a few moments for myself.  So I finished the stars on my pillow for my daughter's MIL for her front porch that will go on her bench.
I have some other friends who also love red, white and blue.
Have a safe 4th of July
with some stitching I hope,

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Gifts of Love

The church that Rich and I attend is called "A Place in Time" in Pembroke Pines, FL, a very small church and has only been around for about five years.  They have a few ministries that they work on and with some other churches and community organizations in the area.  One of the founding members, Trisha has cancer and goes locally for chemo.  So, we have put together a gift bag called "Gifts of Love" for other people who also has chemo.  In each bag there are items like: Lip balm, mouth wash, wipes, mints, lotion for the skin, a blanket to cover up with because it can get cold, along with some other necessary items.  When I was diagnosed with cancer 19 years ago, I use a notebook for things like- questions, feelings, appointments or whatever came to mind.  So I thought why not add a notebook to the "Gift of Love bag.  I was working on one for an upcoming swap I'm doing with a group online.  Here is the one I did for the swap, a needlebook also goes with it, will add that later.
This will look so great in other fabric, some masculine,  some for younger people, will have to come back and see what I come up with.  Hoping this will bring some sense in a stressful time in someone's life. 

Happy Stitching

Monday, June 16, 2014

Handpiecing Hexie's.

This is a 1930's Grandmother's Garden unfinished. 
A friend from our Wed Bee group (Cabin Branch Quilter's, Virginia) gave it to one of the girls,
who in turn gave it to me.
She knew I love hexie's, all the pieces are hand pieced.  I didn't know that you can put hexie's together by sewing them together on your machine, may have to try that later.  I am slowly finishing this quilt (slowly).
This is what I work on when sitting and needing something to do.  
If you are hand piecing something I hope you will leave a comment.

In another note, we are surviving the summer heat and the days of rain last week.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day.  This morning was so nice, you could sit outside with a cool breeze and enjoy it. 

Till next time Happy Stitching 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Liebster Blog Award

Now, that I am almost settled, I will tell you about the Liebster Blog Award, that I was given!
I want to send a huge THANK YOU to Nikki over at
on nominating me way back in April.  This award is given to new bloggers with less than 200 followers, by other bloggers.  It helps them showcase their blog and get the word out about it.  
And helps promote encouragement in the world of  bloggers.  
Nikki, asked  me five questions, so here goes.
1.  Do you have a favorite sewing or knitting skill?   
Knitting, what's that?  I don't knit, can't wrap my mind around that.  I don't have a favorite sewing or quilting skill, I want to learn them all so I know how to do them.  But, my favorite quilting (Art) technique, hands down is Applique. On cotton or wool.
2.  Why do you like it?  
Applique can make things look so different just by adding different stitches, beads and found objects.
3.  How did you learn to sew or knit?
I can remember my Mom teaching me to sew clothes on my grandmothers Singer sewing machine (which I still have today), she also taught me to quilt.  On Tuesdays, growing up was Quilt day at the church and we would go spend the whole day.  I would sit under the quilts and cut out templates from cereal boxes, this was before starting kindergarten. I still take classes or go online to learn.
4.  What is your favourite time of year?
That has changed during the years and as I have gotten older. 
 But, WINTER with snow is my time of year.
5.  What do you like about it?
 It is my renewing time.  It is time to start new, clean.
Do not like the hot or humid weather.

Thank You for stopping by.  I will post the 5 blogs that I nominate in my next post.

Happy Sewing and Quilting

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Made it!

Here we are, finally made it!
I had told my husband once, that I never wanted to live in Florida, never say, NEVER!

Working on the important stuff, like getting my sewing room up and running.  There is fabric waiting to be cut up and sewn back together.  
Hope you will continue the journey with me.
I will be writing more now that I am just about settled in.
Happy sunny quilting to all,

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Expect Miracles

This is how I fell this first day of May!  I will be gone from my blog until sometime in late May, we are moving to Miami, Florida area.  We have been in Virginia, less then a year and now we are off to new adventures - Again.  But I am EXPECTING MIRACLES and will tell you about them here in my blog.  This art quilt was done by Therese May, you can find her other work here - I was looking for something that would tell just how I was felling and found this quilt.  I love the way Quilts can do that.
I have also been awarded a Quilt Blog Award and will be telling you more about as soon as I get back on to my blog after the move. 
Until then may you expect Miracles

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage Linens

It's a gorgeous morning here in Virginia, birds are singing and the sun is out.
I am going through my vintage linens, and I see a lot of them have missing threads and I think I'm going to fix them.
I have seen some wonderful quilt pieces made out of these, too many ideas for my brain this morning.  Do you have vintage linens, and what have you done with them?  Let us know!

Vintage Stitches,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Air Bubbles on Interfacing

I was asked an interesting question about interfacing. 
How do you prevent air bubbles when ironing on to fabric?

Some of you may know or not, so this was my answer. 
First, I heat my ironing board by ironing on it.
Then lay my interfacing sticky side up on the hot area and rub it, till
all of the area is hot and the folds are less and is laying as flat as it will get.
Then I lay my fabric piece down. I DO NOT IRON, I press, starting in the left hand corner, and pick up iron and move half an iron length, till I get to the other side.
Go back to the left corner and continue until I am done.
This works for me. And take your time to press,
If there are any tips you have let us know.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mixed Media Wool

I love working with Wool and this is the piece I used for my demo at our quilt show last month.

I choose different colors than the pattern that I saw, the colors are more spring and bright.  I am working with beads, copper wire and other mixed media items.
Hope to have it done by our next guild meeting.  I work on a flat surface on my cutting board.

Woolie stitches till next time,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So ready for SPRING!!!

I'm sure most of us who live in the cold and snow are ready for spring, I know I am and sunshine.
Here is the pillow I made for my oldest granddaughter who loves this color.

This pillow makes a great project for doing while hubby watches golf or sitting outside on warm days.
I have more to post but those will have wait.  OH!  Did I tell you we are moving to Miami, FL
Not sure about this, I don't like snakes or things bigger then me that can eat me.  LOL

Till next time,

Monday, March 3, 2014

Easy Needlebook

I love taking scraps and using them up in as many ways as possible.  Here is only one, easy to make and yes, everyone needs one, everyone has one, but we can always use another one.  I saw one similar to this, that was done in pastel flowers, very cute.

Or make and give as quick gifts, door prizes for quilt guilds, quilt shows, favors for tea's or swaps.

This needlebook is a batik lovers friend.

Here is the inside.  It has 4 pages for needles and pins.

Happy Scraping and Stitching,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Skinny Pinny Pincushion

I finished my Skinny Pinny and mailed it last week to my partner in UT.
The skinny pincushion is filled with walnut shells and Lavender and made with jelly rolls and vintage lace.  The hot pad or mug rug is made with jelly rolls and then hand embroidered bird design from Gail Pan and has hot pad batting inside.  You can make these with candy bars also.

Friday, February 28, 2014

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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lone Starburst Class

On Monday, we at Cabin Branch quilters are having Kimberly Einmo in to show how to quilt the Lone Starburst quilt.  Here is her quilt.
Love the colors
Here are my colors for my quilt
Very similar, but does have some patterns in the fabric.  Can't wait to see how it turns out.
Here is Kimberly's site.

I will post when it is done.

Skinny Pinnie Swap

Here is my Skinny Pinnie from my swap partner.
I just love red and this is perfect.  I will get some red pins to put in her.
I will post the one for my partner when I am done.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Skinny Pincushion Swap

Do you like swaps and meet new people?  This is for you.
Just copy and paste.
Join in the fun.
Happy Stitching,

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Over the river and through the woods

Here is a panel I had been working on for over four years, just click on the picture to see it larger:
Finished this one and now working on panel two.  I guess I should have ironed it out before taking a picture of it.  I have the fabric to put the whole quilt together when I am done with all the panels, there is only three all together.  This one is for my bed for Christmas time.

Hope you will come back,

Do you love to quilt and read:

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