Saturday, April 12, 2014

Vintage Linens

It's a gorgeous morning here in Virginia, birds are singing and the sun is out.
I am going through my vintage linens, and I see a lot of them have missing threads and I think I'm going to fix them.
I have seen some wonderful quilt pieces made out of these, too many ideas for my brain this morning.  Do you have vintage linens, and what have you done with them?  Let us know!

Vintage Stitches,

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Air Bubbles on Interfacing

I was asked an interesting question about interfacing. 
How do you prevent air bubbles when ironing on to fabric?

Some of you may know or not, so this was my answer. 
First, I heat my ironing board by ironing on it.
Then lay my interfacing sticky side up on the hot area and rub it, till
all of the area is hot and the folds are less and is laying as flat as it will get.
Then I lay my fabric piece down. I DO NOT IRON, I press, starting in the left hand corner, and pick up iron and move half an iron length, till I get to the other side.
Go back to the left corner and continue until I am done.
This works for me. And take your time to press,
If there are any tips you have let us know.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Mixed Media Wool

I love working with Wool and this is the piece I used for my demo at our quilt show last month.

I choose different colors than the pattern that I saw, the colors are more spring and bright.  I am working with beads, copper wire and other mixed media items.
Hope to have it done by our next guild meeting.  I work on a flat surface on my cutting board.

Woolie stitches till next time,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So ready for SPRING!!!

I'm sure most of us who live in the cold and snow are ready for spring, I know I am and sunshine.
Here is the pillow I made for my oldest granddaughter who loves this color.

This pillow makes a great project for doing while hubby watches golf or sitting outside on warm days.
I have more to post but those will have wait.  OH!  Did I tell you we are moving to Miami, FL
Not sure about this, I don't like snakes or things bigger then me that can eat me.  LOL

Till next time,