Thursday, November 21, 2013

My old blog

I am having trouble getting into my old blog, that is why I started this one.  I think you can go see the old one, I just can't get back in to post anything.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

For the Love of Christmas Pt. 2

Here are the steps for making your own table topper.

Take your 6x24 ruler and put tape or mark so you will know where the 60* degree line is.

Take 4 - 2 1/2 inch by WOF or use jelly rolls and sew together 

Press all seams going one direction.

Then take your ruler and lay on your fabric like this
and then cut and then turn like this
cut and turn again
continue to cut till all the fabric is cut.  You will have 7 shapes and left over pieces, do not throw away, just set these aside for now.

You will need 6 of the 7 pieces. 

Sew 6 of the pieces together
The seams will now be going in different directions.  Which helps lock the pieces together.  Press seams towards the middle piece on one side, out towards the sides on the other one, this well help make the center less bulky. Then sew the two pieces together.
Choose your background fabric.  You don't have to add batting if you don't want it in the middle.

I have not gotten to the binding yet, that will be next.

Happy Stitching,

Saturday, November 16, 2013

For the love of Christmas

Well, Christmas is just around the corner and I don't know about you, but I am not even close to being ready for it this year.  So many things have changed this year.  My husband Rich and I, closed our  furniture consignment shop in Austintown, Ohio, downsized and moved to Virginia for my husband's new job.  Have joined a new quilt guild, Cabin Branch Quilters and enjoying the new adventure and friends.  
Here is what I am working on for Christmas.
These are so easy to make and you can make them into a tree skirt for a Christmas tree also.  This one is a table topper.  Check back in for the "How you can make this" tomorrow.


Heart and Soul

First, I am not a writer, I do wish I could put into words all that I would want to say or feel.  I have another blog that for some reason I can no longer get into.  So, I have come here to continue my love of quilts and quilting.  You may wonder why I chose the name He(art) and Soul for my blog, heArt has the word art in it and art has Heart, Soul is something inside us that hides and can find a way of coming out and is who we are.  No matter what kind of art you may do, it comes from your soul and is done with your heart.  So take pride in it and continue to search and create.
Here, I will hope to share my love of quilting and fabric and all that goes with those.
If  you were following my last blog, I hope you will follow my new one and join me in the adventures of quilting.