Thursday, October 23, 2014

Harvest Blessings!

I just finished my Harvest Blessings table mat, it has only taken, let me see, I moved to 
North Carolina in 2001, started and finished the hand work there, then moved to Ohio in 
2006, then to Virginia in 2013 and finally to Florida 2014,  somewhere around 13 years,
but it's done now.
 Never give up on getting things done, better late then never!
Just in time for the harvest season.
Matt 9:37-38

Blessings always,

Tea Cup Exchange Lost

My Tea cup that I sent out to my exchange friend was lost in the Miami mail somewhere!
I sent the cup and saucer in different boxes, I could not find one large enough for both to go in.
I didn't even take a picture of it, so sorry i didn't do that now.  I hope it will show up, along with
the history of it.
But here is the tablerunner and tea rugs, I made to go with it.
The tea cups and tea pot in the picture are my. 
See what my new friend Dolores from Anchorage, AK sent me for the 
Tea cup exchange in the last Post.
Till next time enjoy some tea with a friend,

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tea Cup Exchange with NEW Friends

A little while back I found a blog about tea and other items of Friendship.
Please visit Stephanie at the link above.

If we chose to be apart of this exchange, we were to send a tea cup to the person who's
name we were given and send some others items that a tea lover would enjoy.
We had to send the tea cup out within a week, I can't make anything in a week to send with
the tea cup, I will have to post what I am sending her when I am done, I just went today to find the
fabric to make it, while I'm still working on a grandchild quilt and a few other things,
you should see my list of  WIP's, I'm working on.
I sent my tea cup without taking a picture of it first, (when will I ever remember to take pictures of everything, no matter what I doing with it).
But, I did send the history of my tea cup with it, where it came from and why it was
used, where it was used and for what reason.
My new friend is not far from where I live in south Florida, she lives in Miami.  I have not heard back from her yet.  

Here is my tea cup, I received from my new friend in Anchorage, AK

Thank You Dolores
I love and collect tea cups with roses and love Lavender.
I can't wait till I sit down and enjoy a cup of tea from your cup.
May I add, I have never used tea that was not in a bag, so I will now have to learn how to
use a  diffuser.  I have wanted to and now I have no reason not to.

Also, Dolores wrote a sweet note with her package at the end she wrote,
Numbers 6:24-26
It reads:
"The Lord bless you and keep you;
The Lord make His face shine upon you.
And be gracious to you;
The Lord lift up His countenance (favor) upon you,
And give you peace.

Till next I see you, remember the verse