Monday, July 21, 2014

Rain, Rain go Away and go to California

This is what it looks like almost every afternoon here in Sunny Florida.  LOL
This is every day since we moved here, except for a few days.  I am thankful that on the weekends so far it has been nice (very hot and humid) but at least, Mr.W and I can go do something together.   Yesterday, we went and got some tomatoes at one of the spots we go to for vegetables and fish,  The Flamingo Nursery, yep, a nursery that sells (fish).   Told you last week we went and saw Iguanas, this was the only one we saw on our trip this time.
Saturday we drove south to Biscayne Bay

When Hurricane Andrew hit, Biscayne Bay was in the eye of the hurricane.  Makes you feel small.

Well, I have projects I'm working (WIP) on and hope to get some of them done.  But here are a few of them

 Bertie"s Winter (BOM) just pressed applique pieces down on sat.
Waiting on more thread colors to start my buttonhole stitch. 
 I started this for a demo at our quilt show (Cabin Branch Quilters, VA) March 2014
This is a quilt for a grandchild (started 2011)
just found the fabric for the sashing that was packed away.
Hey, they're not in high school yet.
I finished quilting this one and is squared and ready for binding, also made a pillow to go with it which I will show after it is sent and grandchild gets it.

Closing for now in hopes the binding gets cut today
till next time have a warm and sunny day even if it is raining and gray.