Friday, November 7, 2014

Mug Rug Swap, cont

I told you, I would be back today, that doesn't happen that often, LOL
So, here is my swap partners mug rugs
I just love how we all come up with different 
mug rugs, these will be used with love.  Did you notice the 
Keepsake Needle Card to the left?  Do you remember your grandma 
or mom having these, I do, and I still have some, and others I 
have collected over the years.  They use to be given out by stores our
grandmas and moms use to shop with the the stores names on them.
I love having tea when it is cool enough to have some, so I will enjoy 
my mug rugs with my tea.
Thank You, again Carmie.

I still have pictures to post of projects I will be teaching at Hobby Lobby,
so I will do that the next I come back to visit.  
Till then, Happy Stitching and Blessed Days,

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  1. These are so cute. You had asked about a bee pattern that I had and for awhile there I couldn't remember where I got it. Finally I did is here and it was part of her HoneyComb stitchalong project.