Tuesday, February 17, 2015

My MoJo for Quilting is gone

I am in no mood to quilt, I did straighten up my cutting table tho.
Went yesterday with friends to Stitch Craft Quilt Shop in Boca Raton
and picked up some fabric for our guilds 3 yard quilt challenge for April.
We had to pay $5.00 to play
so here is my choice of fabrics 
After we finish the top and show it in April at our guild meeting, we get 
our $5.00 back
I hope this will bring some motivation back to my quilting mojo.
I really like these fabrics, not usually my choice of colors, but I do like them.
Hope you will come visit again and see the finished quilt.
Hope you will sign up with your email, and follow me to see
if I get my quilting mojo back.

Hope you are keeping warm if you have snow and being safe,


  1. It helps to start a new project sometimes and go back to the older one later on :)

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  3. Hi RoseMary,
    Linking back to you from my blog :) I hope you are feeling better. That fabric you chose reminds me so much of how my home looked when I was just a toddler in the early 70s. My playpen, our sofa, etc. - - - or at least the photos I've seen!
    Hope you find your mojo, but sometimes we all need a break and change of pace, so don't fret. Maybe you are in a new season, even if only temporary.
    Blessings and a cup of tea,
    -Heather Elizabeth